Contact lenses provide a level of freedom that eyeglasses simply cannot. Bergen Optometry offers a complete range of comprehensive contact lens services, from initial consultations for first-time wearers to specialty fittings and more. Whatever your contact lens needs may be, we’ve got you covered. 

We partner with the most trusted brands of soft contact lenses and will work with you to find the brand and fit that’s ideal for your specific vision needs.

First-Time Fittings

If you’re new to wearing contacts, it can take some getting used to. Our friendly, knowledgeable team is here to help you get familiar and comfortable with the process of inserting and removing your lenses. We’d also be happy to answer any questions or discuss any other concerns that you may have, whether it’s about contacts specifically or vision care in general. 

Follow-Up Fittings

From time to time, it’s important for contact wearers to have their eyes re-evaluated. This ensures that your current lens brand and fit are still suitable for your needs. As we age, our eyes often change. The doctor will work with you at each appointment to help you maintain optimal contact wear, comfort, and visual quality. 

Specialty Contact Lens Services

At Bergen Optometry, we routinely fit patients with astigmatisms and other conditions to ensure optimal fit and quality. If you’ve been told in the past that you aren’t a good candidate for contact lenses, we’d be happy to provide a second opinion. If there’s a way we can get you out of your glasses and into a pair of specialty lenses, you can bet we will!

We look forward to serving all of your contact lens and general vision care needs. Call Bergen Optometry today to request an appointment. 

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